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Travel Diary

Marianna Hewitt

au Byblos

I’ve been here for a few visits and there are a few places to stay. For the super rich, they rent yachts and since thats not me … I’m in hotels and apartments. The best hotel for location and amenities is Hotel Byblos…

This hotel is just off the main square called Place des Lices and is one of the few hotels that has a pool, gym and spa. If your hotel doesn’t have a pool you’ll have to go to the beach and most the hotels don’t have gyms. So if this is important to you, I would recommend staying here. They also have a club and an incredible restaurant Rivea that you must try. The pool area turns into a bar at night to have drinks and hang out with friends.

Another hotel I love and where I’m currently staying is White 1921, also in front of the Place des Lices. This hotel is connected to a Celine and Fendi store and happens to sit next door to the best gyros in town. You are perfectly situated in an area where you can walk to everything, with modern rooms, good wifi and A/C – which you need to check before as lots of places in Europe still don’t have it especially in the earlier Summer months. Just like Byblos, White 1921 also has a bar area outside with tapas and music until 1am.

Those are the two hotels I can personally recommend but another option, especially if you have more than 2 people is to go with an airbnb. We stayed in a 4 bedroom one in the port for the first week of our trip. We loved feeling like we were living in St Tropez with a full kitchen to bring home food from the market, a balcony overlooking the shops and restaurants where we ate breakfast and enough rooms for my friends to come and visit. We made sure it had wifi and air conditioning before we arrived but the ONLY bummer is that often these older apartments don’t have elevators, so we had to carry our suitcases up flights of stairs and I’m an overpacker. You also have to walk up and down a few flights of stairs whenever you want to come and go from the apartment, which is fine for me but if you are traveling with family members that are a little older – they may have a hard time with the steps so keep this in mind.

Hôtel ***** Byblos Saint-Tropez
20 avenue Paul Signac, 83990 Saint-Tropez, France
+33 (0)4 945 668 00